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Customizable. No distractions. No OLED burn-in. A perfect companion for your Apple Touch Bar.
Please meet an anticipated DimBar utility for Boot Camp. Brought to you by authors of the popular Trackpad++.

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Download Consider to try the DimBar utility for Mid-2018, Late-2019 or Mid-2020 MacBook Pro running Windows 10 via Boot Camp: it helps to remove the last distractions on the way to completely enjoying your new MacBook Pro with Windows 10 / 11. First comes an ability to keep your Touch Bar always dimmed. The OLED Touch Bar surface looks gorgeous in this mode, and also the Touch Bar doesn't distract you. To prevent the potential burn-in, DimBar has the option to turn off Touch Bar by an adjustable user inactivity timeout (5 - 75 sec). These features are complemented with a unique option to show the minimal alternate 'Esc' layout which be instantly toggled with an 'Fn' key.

You can try the DimBar right now:

Download DimBar 1.1a-X64

Contribute You can support the project and receive the permanent DimBar license key for your Macbook. To learn how to become eligible for receiving the permanent DimBar license key, please send an email to support@dimbar.forbootcamp.org with the subject "License Key Request", and within next 6 hours we will respond with a simple instruction.

Thank you!
FAQ Q.: Is the DimBar software free?
A.: No, but you are welcome to try it for free, and later you can choose to get the permanent licence, or remove the DimBar package whenever you wish.

Q.: Is it safe to try the DimBar?
A.: Absolutely yes. DimBar is held to the highest quality standards and comes with the cross-signed driver component. In addition, the DimBar did not come out from nowhere: it's created by the same experienced people who have previously developed an acclaimed Trackpad++ Windows 10 / 11 driver for Apple MacBook / Pro / Air.

Q.: Can the DimBar be used with previous models (Late-2016 / Mid-2017 MacBook Pro)?
A.: No, because only the Mid-2018 to Mid-2020 MacBook Pro 13" / 15" / 16" equipped with an Apple T2 coprocessor chip are supported.

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